Anonymous said: I think you might be wrong about the 89475 question, but please explain how you got your answer.

Yes! Quite right. I totally messed that up. I’m glad someone is paying attention to the footnotes in our analyses. 

As an ex-Mathlete and one-time genius, I should have had no problem completing an alphanumeric transposition. However, after shutting down my left brain for several years while pursuing careers in writing, acting, and professional basketball, I clearly forgot how to manage such an operation. Or else it was the pot. One can never tell. 

So, yes, Anonymous, the correct answer to “STALE is to STEAL as 89475 is to…” is not 89754, but is rather 89547

Had you not submitted anonymously, Anonymous, I would have sent you a $25 iTunes gift card for finding the first (of no doubt many) errors on Inspecting Cupid. Instead, I’m going to spend that money on drugs and alcohol. See what you did?